September marks the 30th anniversary for California Library Literacy Services.  Since its inception, CLLS has helped nearly a quarter of a million Californians learn to read and write.

A #FoodieFriday menu! Ward House Bill of Fare, 1849. During the Gold Rush, the Ward House was a favorite San Francisco hotel.  

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#ThrowbackThursday! California State Library employee using the State Library time clock. (date unknown)
Today, the Senate Rules Committee voted unanimously to confirm the appointment of Greg Lucas as California State Librarian! Lucas was appointed to the position in March by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. Now it’s on to the full Senate.
Riverside California Commercial College Class (190?)
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100 years ago today, Mt. Lassen eruption bears bizarre resemblance to the man it was named after.
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Photo by Benjamin Franklin Loomis.

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